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Terima kasih Anwar, kata Tun M

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Bicara Aku dengan Saya - 1956

Saya: Ku, ni orang putih nak balik negeri ni macam mana?
Aku: Bagus la gitu, Ya. Kita boleh perintah sendiri. Kita tentukan nasib kita sendiri. Kita tentukan masa depan kita sendiri.
Saya: Hisy! Orang Melayu mana ada pengalaman memerintah negeri yg besar begini. Nak buat jarum pun tak gheti. Nanti nak makan apa? Kebulor aje satu Malaya nanti.
Aku: Alaa, Ya., Kita cuba la.
Saya: Heyy, Ku mana boleh cuba-cuba. Mana boleh eksperimen. Risiko terlampau tinggi.
Aku: Yaaa. Untuk menjadi bangsa yang maju, kita mesti sanggup ambil risiko, "calculated risks". Mesti sanggup mencuba, berani bereksperimen macam dalam penyelidikan sains. Sebab tu di negara Barat mereka maju 1,000 tapak daripada kita. Penyelidikan dan eksperimen dalamnya adalah budaya mereka.
Saya: O, gitu. Yeah. Kita cuba! Kita perintah Malaya sendiri. Kita belajar dengan "baby steps" kita. Kalau jatuh kita bangun. Lama-lama insya Allah kita akan berdiri teguh. Macam seorang bayi yang kemudian menjadi manusia yang gag…

An Exception: A Conversation between BN and PH on the coming General Elections that I overheard

BN: If you don't give us mandate, there might be chaos or repeat of May 13 after election
PR: If you give us mandate, we will make sure that you will be safe after election.

BN: If we lose, this country will go bankrupt.
PR: If we win, this country will be a better nation as we fight corruption.

BN: If we lose, you will not get development.
PR: If we win, we will curb corruption and use the savings to develop this nation. Look at Penang and Selangor under PR.

BN (UMNO): We need to defend our Malay's right and Muslim (to the Malay)
BN (MCA): We need to defend the Chinese (to the Chinese)
PR: We need to defend MALAYSIANS, regardless if you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban.

BN: If we win, every year you ill get BR1M.
PR: If we win, your children will get free education and we will fight crime.

BN: We cannot lose. We need to defend Putrajaya at all cost.
PR: We need to win to clean up the electoral roll which is full of phantom voters and immigrants who hold blue IC.

An Exception: Message from Mej (Rtd) Mior Rosli* for Malaysia facing the 14th General Elections this Wednesday, May 9, 2018

"Good afternoon to all. The fight for a free Malaysia must go on!
Let us get one thing clear – the country and the government are separate entities. Governments come and go, the country is eternal. 

We owe our allegiance to the country, not to the government. 
Therefore, saying bad things about a bad government is not being anti-national. Most important of all, voting against a bad government is not being anti-national. 
A bad government does not deserve loyalty. Disloyalty to the government is not disloyalty to the country; in fact, voting out a bad government is being loyal to the country.

Today, Malaysia woke up and many hearts were broken.
We mourn our nation not because we lost, but because we were cheated.
We lost not to a better party, but we lost to injustice. 
We lost not to a better system, but we lost to the lack of integrity.
We lost not to a better count, but we lost to the failure in upholding civil rights.
We lost not to a better leader, but we lost to corruption.
We lost not…
Me: My, I want to pour my heart out. If you care to listen, I’ll belanja you latte.
Myself: OK, what?
Me: My, all this talk about the DAP converting Malaysia to a Christian State is a load of bull. But I think it’s true that the DAP is becoming too strong for comfort. They will win all their seats this PRU14. The Chinese voters have never wavered from supporting them come what may.
Myself: Yeah, that’s true.
Me: Which is very worrying because, despite their claim of being multi-racial, they are really Chinese-dominated.
Myself: So?
Me: So we must tell all the Malays and all the Muslims to avoid it like the plague. It’s a Chinese party. Join Pas or Umno instead.
Myself: Hmm. Nah, I think the most logical thing to do is to ask all the Malays and Muslims especially from UMNO and PAS to join the DAP, not run away from it. That will end Chinese domination and turn it into a Malay- or Islamic-dominated party, whichever you want it. And if it becomes the strongest party in Pakatan, would…